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Meet Dr. Gary Stevenson

Personal Success With Chiropractic

Dr. Gary Stevenson of Yonge-Steeles Family Wellness Centre in North York

Dr. Gary Stevenson

During a football match at his university, Dr. Gary Stevenson suffered a significant neck injury that simply didn’t respond to physical therapy or medicines. He was in agony and unable to sleep, study or do anything for three months. Eventually, a friend attending chiropractic college suggested he see a chiropractor for his neck injury.

“It was a miracle cure. After just a few visits to my chiropractor, I was almost completely out of pain. I sang all the way home and slept for 14 hours straight,” remembers Dr. Stevenson.

After experiencing such amazing results from his own care, Dr. Stevenson made a decision to choose a career in chiropractic. He “decided to become a chiropractor and never looked back.”

Helping North York Patients Heal

At Yonge-Steeles Family Wellness Centre, we strive to help our patients achieve their optimum level of health through state-of-the-art, gentle chiropractic care. Our goal is to unleash the body’s own natural healing power, and to treat every one of our patients with respect.

“As a cancer survivor for 18 years, I strive to lead a robust and healthy life. And at Yonge-Steeles Family Wellness Centre, we try to help others live the same way,” says Dr. Stevenson.

Practicing What He Preaches

Outside his office, Dr. Stevenson enjoys a healthy lifestyle, including gardening, photography, and working on cars as his favorite hobbies. “My wife Julie and I have two healthy children and two beautiful dogs. I love doing things with my family like golfing, fishing, and a lot of my time is spent at our cottage or at our children’s sporting events.”

Even with a busy schedule, Dr. Stevenson always makes time for wellness. “I personally visit my chiropractor once per week, and several chiropractors come to my office to receive care as well. I try to stay away from unnecessary medications as much as possible, and I counsel my family to do the same.”

Dr. Stevenson also proudly supports local children’s charity organizations, including:

  • Children’s Aids Society
  • Children’s Aids Society Foundation
  • The Shriner’s Circus
  • New Haven School for Autistic Children

Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health. (416) 225-3987